Marcks’ VENUS Aesthetic Clinic

About Us

KIMIA FARMA is the first pharmaceutical industry company in Indonesia which was founded by the Dutch East Indies government in 1817. On August 16, 1971, the legal entity form of the company was changed to a Limited Liability Company, so the company name changed to PT. KIMIA FARMA (Persero) and this date is celebrated every year by all of its employees as a corporate anniversary moment. As a company that has gone public and implemented Good Corporate Governance, KIMIA FARMA has been registered as an active issuer on the Indonesia Stock Exchange, with the issuer code: KAEF.

PT. KIMIA FARMA Tbk as the largest state-owned company in the pharmaceutical sector (SOE) in Indonesia so far has made a significant contribution to our nation. One form of the latest contributions and innovations from PT. KIMIA FARMA Tbk which is dedicated to caring for skin health, perfecting the appearance & beauty of the people of Indonesia is to establish Marcks' VENUS Aesthetic Clinic.

Marcks’ Venus Aesthetic Clinis is one of business unit of PT. Kimia Farma Tbk, established since 2018 and located in Jakarta, Bogor, and Bandung. MVC always continue to provide treatment with advanced technology, and full supported by our proffesional & trained team of doctors and staff. MVC available for various group both men and women, from adolescence to adulthood. All of best treatments are performed at MVC such as acne problem, aging problem, rejuvenate skin, until increase body immune, to build self esteem and confidence people of Indonesia.

Brand Values


  1. Dengan background holding company yang kuat, Marcks’ VENUS Aesthetic Clinic dapat menjadi All Quadrant Leader (Quantitative & Qualitative) di bisnis cosmedic & perawatan kulit, product & service nya effective untuk unisex customer, di market berskala regional & global
  2. All Quadrant Leadership meliputi :
    • Market Share
    • Brand Awareness
    • as Benchmark Lab in Service Quality
    • as The Agent of Positive Changes, Impactful to Life •such as Better Performances & Happier Experience
  3. Menjadi #1 Brand of Customer Choice di bidang Klinik Perawatan Kulit dengan level customer happiness experience terbaik


  1. Menyediakan produk serta jasa perawatan kesehatan dan kecantikan kulit yang efektif & relevan untuk unisex market, sebagai solusi kesembuhan serta peningkatan kualitas hidup dari urban & sub urban customer yang menggunakan nya.
  2. Mengedepankan benefit Added Value untuk customer nya, antara lain:
    • Brand Trust Through Integrated Customer Solution
    • Aksesibilitas Service / Layanan
    • Operational Excellence
    • Affordable Price
    • Positive Emotional Relation, in terms of customer loyalty
  3. Menjaga kontinuitas pengembangan kualitas product & layanan dalam teamwork yang solid, dengan Inovasi terkini berorientasi hasil yang bernilai ekonomis, focus on life improvement, serta ramah lingkungan.